it doesn’t matter, all that matters is not putting me in a cage.

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Fan pics of Alex at The East Q&As (June 8, 2013).

Sources:  paroana & mcasson1 instagrams

Slightly different version of an oldie from the June 8, 2013 Q&A for The East. The original was posted with this set (above) during June 2013.

Source:  paraoana instagram


"A peek behind the curtain: Famke, David Straiton, Madeleine, and Bill having a laugh first thing in the morning before hating each other in the scene. #tbt #hemlock grove."

-Joel de la Fuente

Me and Alexander Skarsgard # at # Söderstadion the right times they !! Woop wooop !! #oldschool #Hammarby


?When was this taken?

get to know me meme: [11/20] favorite fictional characters → eric northman

You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you. Or have passionate, primal sex with you. Or how about both?


Eric Northman, True Blood, S 03 x E 03

It’s worse to make a bad TV series [than a bad movie]. You often sign contracts that extend over a very long time. If you’re unlucky, you end up stuck in a series that is bad, but popular for years.
Bill Skarsgård. O RLY? Wild guess: Referring to both True Blood and Hemlock Grove here (via billskarsgardpoliticsrus)